OQAR: Online Quality Assurance Reviewer

Have you ever asked yourself, is there an easier way to collect and collate feedback from reviewers of my eLearning content?  If that is you, or you simply thought there was no better way, than OQAR: Online Quality Assurance Reviewer is for you!

OQAR automates and manages the process of collecting and processing feedback from reviewers, speeding up your development team and reducing mistakes.

If that wasn't enough OQAR (pronounced "Oh Car") also enables you to track proposals and send signoffs and surveys to your teams. 

So what are you waiting for, stop the madness and sign up for OQAR today!

OQAR Overview

OQAR Overview


From eLearning with Karen Geldhof

"The administrator side of the software was easy to setup – it took less than 10 minutes. For those who are reviewing the course, its simple as well. You bring up the course and the OQAR software is attached to the bottom of the course. You login to the software – and start reviewing the course. When you want to comment on a screen you click on the New Note button from the left menu – and the Design Notes box opens up. You add your comments and hit the Submit Note button. Then continue through the course. Once the QA process is completed by everyone reviewing the course, the instructional designer logs in with their admin ID – and they can see everyone’s notes – this is exactly what we need!"