OQAR: Online Quality Assurance Reviewer Help

The best way to get assistance is click on help within your OQAR instance. Here you can search and location information covering all the features of OQAR including:

  • Setting up OQAR
  • Integrating OQAR
  • Reviewing and Addressing Design Notes
  • Tracking your Proposals
  • Sending Surveys and Signoffs
  • Managing users, companies, and system permissions

If you don't yet have OQAR and want to learn a bit more, feel free to access our help where you can get a complete overview of the system including some getting started videos: OQAR: Online Quality Assurance Reviewer

Integrating OQAR

One of the most common questions is, how will I integrate OQAR with my course.  Well if you can copy and paste, then you can set it up and have your first course integrated in 10 minutes or less, and much less for your second and third course.

To learn about the integration process access any of these options

Support Requests

Contact support at: support@elearningcontentreviewer.com